Thought-reading patents increasing

Pat Hayden Jones

Strangely, just a few days after writing my mind-reading post, I see this headline: “Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents” in my BBC news feed. (Yes, I read the BBC.) Serendipity? Who knows, the wife thinks I can read minds. Anyway. turns out this is a pretty hot area. The article states that Nielsen (the ratings guys) have 100 patents, and Microsoft is not far behind: “Microsoft holds 89 patents for software that can assess mental states” — no doubt, given all the angst the damn ribbon has caused over the years. Not to mention MS Word style sheets. Neuro tech is going ‘non-medical’ — which means, forget therapeutic applications, companies want to read your mind.

Do you ever wander into the grocery store and stand goggle-eyed at, say, the 15 varieties of Greek yogurt? (BTW, can I get a break from this stuff? Where is the…

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